“Cari is an amazing trainer! She helped me achieve my goals with her great attitude and professionalism. She listened to my preferences and objectives and customized a training regime to suit my needs. The workouts were not only challenging but creative and fun. The results were better than expected. Cari is one-of-a-kind and truly an exceptional trainer.”

— Jeanie

Cari’s Notes: “I trained Jeanie for almost a year at Fit and she was a great client. She was already in amazing shape so I worked with her to build her strength and endurance and make the workouts more fun and challenging. She and I are still friends and she takes bootcamp classes from me at Fit.”

“I have trained with several certified trainers over the past 10 years. Cari is definitely a “cut-above” the others. She is sincerely interested in your goals and your progress and provides a full range of training and advice, focusing on your diet and nutrition as well as your exercise. She is very knowledgeable about the body, muscles, joints, etc. and consistently watches your form and motions to make sure you don’t strain anything or hurt yourself. That means a lot at my age. She is the best.”

— Donna White, CPA

Cari’s Notes: “I have been training Donna for two years. I have helped her lose weight and maintain her strength while being careful not to agitate her knee injury or lower back pain. Donna has a very busy career so I think having a scheduled ‘appointment’ with me twice a week keeps her on track. She has been great to work with and I always look forward to our sessions.”

“You know you have the right trainer when you stop doing what you love doing (whatever it may be), schlep to the gym, sweat for an hour…and then repeat, repeat, repeat. Staying with the program is what gets results and the reason I stuck with it was because of Cari. I know there are some people who love to work out, but I’m not one of them. But, Cari kept me coming back…she’s encouraging, challenging and very knowledgeable.  That is a great combination in a trainer.”

— Camille

Cari’s Notes: “I trained Camille for almost a year and a half at Fit. She is in great shape, partly because she is an amazing golfer and plays 2-3 times a week. I helped her work on her golf swing by increasing core stability, upper body strength and her balance. I am very proud of her progress, her strength and also her comittment to giving up her 3-a-day diet coke habit!”

“Cari is an amazing personal trainer and I am so glad to have found her!  Her positive attitude and great personality make workout sessions enjoyable.  Don’t get me wrong, she will still whip you into shape!  She really knows what she is doing too!  Cari is passionate about what she does and it shows because she truly cares about helping her clients get in their best shape possible.”

–Kristen W.

Cari’s Notes: “I have worked with Kristen on and off for almost 2 years and have trained her at the gym and also at the park. She has gotten so much stronger over the last year and she really excels at pushups and does a great job running hills!  I have so much fun working with her and she’s got a great sense of humor and can tough it out even through the extreme heat and Texas-sized mosquitoes!”

“I found your 10k training in 6 weeks program online and used it for a race this past November. It was my first one and it went SO well! I felt so prepared to run it and beat my timing goal! I LOVED the training!! It is so much easier to train when you have a ‘plan’ and good advice. Love your site and I wish you had some training classes out here in California!!!”

–Mandy J.

Cari’s Notes: “Mandy found my 10k training plan on my site and used it to successfully run her first 10k and is now training for a Half Marathon! Way to go Mandy!!”

“Hello Cari-

I enjoyed today’s class. Thank you for what you do, for sharing your expertise and coming to the classes. What you show us will last a lifetime, thanks for making a difference in our lives.”

–Xochitl V.

Cari’s Notes: “I look forward to teaching at RRI/Reliant each week….they are an amazing group of students and are always so kind and appreciative!”