Mini Trampoline Workout

This week – we are challenging the members of our Honey We’re Healthy Group to try a mini-trampoline workout! One of Megan’s friends has had great results with a trampoline workout and many people have been intrigued! Mini-trampoline (sometimes called a rebounder) workouts have even been made popular by some celebrity trainers such as Tracy […]

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Core Workout For Diastasis Recti

This week we are focusing on core during our Honey We’re Home Fitness Challenge! But, many people have requested a workout if you have diastasis recti (sometimes called “DR”). What is diastasis recti?  It’s most common in women that have had children. It’s when your abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy (or other core trauma) and […]

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Holiday HIIT Workout

I did this workout last night at my bootcamp and it’s super challenging. I had the girls mix in some stair running about halfway through just to mix in some steady cardio. If you don’t have access to stairs – go for a 5 minute jog around your block, jump rope or do some other […]

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