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I have a draft post that I was going to share a few weeks ago about Baby #3 and my pregnancy fitness plan! But, with everything going on, I figured most of you would just prefer a post with content you can use. I’ll do a pregnancy workout post soon and try to get some videos up on my Instagram for all of you other expectant mamas out there!

I’m also planning to do a LIVE Bombshell Bootcamp workout this next Monday at 6pm also on my Insta for those of you that want to follow along! Since I’m super preggo – I’m having me friend and Bombshell Bootcamp Trainer Olivia demo the moves (while we stay 6 feet apart for social distancing 😉)!

I don’t know how it is where you guys are – but last week was our Spring Break and this is the first week we are actually missing school. I have a Kindergartner and pre-schooler and I’m trying to do my best with “home school”! Needless to say …..we miss our teachers!! I will plan to do a “home” schedule later this week with resources for education/learning and also kids fitness for those of you who are trying to stay sane during this time at home!

For now – I want to share some of my most popular workouts on here that are suitable for beginners up to advanced. See below for links.

Here are some of my top tips for working out at home:

  1. Put it on your schedule. I have to have a regular schedule, especially now that my kids are at home all day. It’s easy to just focus on them and then think about how exhausted I’ll be and leave out time for my workout. That’s why I schedule it first thing in the morning. I try to get it done! I’m currently doing my own workouts from my Get Fit Done Guide that I created with my friend Megan (from HoneyWereHome.com) who is a former NPC Bikini competitor (and mom of 2). Right now we have a special on our 4-week guide (it also includes a 4-week meal plan and recipes with color photos!) for only $31 AND we are donating the proceeds to the Houston Food Bank to help our local community. It’s a digital download/ebook you can save to your phone or computer (or have it printed).
  2. Keep your workouts short. You may think you need to fit in an hour because that’s how long your favorite studio class or gym session was – but at home most likely you will get interrupted or feel you can’t finish because something else has come up. Aim for 20-30 minutes and do a HIIT, TABATA or other combo workout where you are doing a mix of cardio and strength training. If you have extra time in the day – fit in another small workout or go for a walk/run/bike ride.
  3. Focus on exercises that don’t just target one muscle group. Sure – you could really get strong biceps if you work just your biceps every day, but if you do compound or combination exercises you will work more muscles at a time – thus burn more calories and fat and increase your metabolism. Examples are: squats, lunges, pushups, underhand bent-over row, planks, jumping jacks, skater lunges, etc.
  4. Pick a space that works for you. You don’t have to have an entire room or home gym – even a wall or section in your master bedroom or area in your living room works. All you really need for equipment is: a mat, 2 sets of weights (medium and heavier) and workout clothes. If you have nice weather right now, you can make a space in your garage or in your backyard!
  5. Don’t get overwhelmed with equipment. Just start with a mat and 1-2 sets of weights. Once those weights are easy for you to use you can add in a few things like a jumprope, kettlebell or more dumbbells. Here is a post I did about starting a home gym. Also, I know many sites are out of workout equipment right now – but don’t worry! You can do most of the workouts on my site using just your body weight. But, if you want to “make” some weights – get 2 gallon jugs. Fill them halfway for a medium set and full for heavy set. You can also use canned items for lighter weights and jugs of laundry detergent or bleach for medium/heavy.

Free Home Workout Links on My Blog:

Comment below and let me know what you are doing to workout at home to stay on track and I’ll enter you into a drawing to win a FREE COPY of Get Fit Done!

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