Holiday HIIT Workouts For Home and Gym

Over the holidays we typically don’t have much free time and are extra busy with shopping, parties and family/friends. But, this is actually the BEST time to keep up with your workouts. Working out over the holidays will not only keep you looking your best, but it will relieve stress, counteract extra holiday treats and also give you a jump start on those New Years resolutions and fitness goals. Try these workout below – they only take 30 minutes each.

At Home HIIT Workout (30 minutes):

Equipment: 1 set of medium dumbbells and a mat, towel or carpet for cushion

Warmup by doing 10 squats, 10 jumping jacks and 10 sets of high knees x 4 sets (about 3 minutes)

Perform all 5 exercises in a row and aim for 15-20 reps of each. Then, do the whole workout 3-4 times.

  1. Squat with Hip Abduction. Perform a squat, then kick your right leg out to the side, squat again and then do left leg. Hold 1-2 weights to make it harder.
  2. Pushup to Ankle Reach. Perform 1 pushup, then press yourself up and back (like downward dog) and reach your right hand under your body and touch your left ankle or shin. Repeat pushup and then touch left hand to right leg.
  3. Double Crunch. Place hands behind head and crunch your knees towards chest, as you bring your shoulder blades up off the floor.
  4. Plie Squat With Alternating Upright Row. Stand with toes pointing slightly out and 1 weight in your right hand. Perform 1 upright row with right arm, then squat down and set weight on the floor. As you stand back up from squat position, pick up weight with left hand and perform upright row on left arm. Alternate quickly and perform 20 reps.
  5. Burpee With Bent Over Row. Perform a regular burpee with your hands on your weights. Squat down, place weights on the ground, jump back to plank, jump feet back in, stand up (be careful not to round your back as you stand up) and perform a bent-over row with your knees bent. Repeat.


HIIT Workout At The Gym (30 minutes):

Equipment: Gym machines and 1 kettlebell

  1. warmup on a cardio machine for 5 minutes
  2. Grab a kettlebell (10-15lb for beginners, 15-20lb for intermediate and 25+lb for advanced or guys) and find the seated leg extension machine (for quads). Perform 1 set of quad extension on the machine (make sure the machine is set up correctly for your body and height). Aim for a weight that’s heavy enough where reps 12-15 are almost impossible to complete but you can with good form. Then, stand up by the machine and do 15-20 squat to shoulder presses holding the kettlebell (by the ball and not handle). Alternate the machine with squat to KB shoulder press 3-4 times.
  3. Find either a seated hamstring curl machine or a face-down hamstring curl machine (lie face-down and curl heels to glutes). Perform 12-15 reps, then stand up and perform 1-arm kettlebell rows (hold kettlebell by the handle). Bend knees and step back with your right leg so you are in a semi-lunge position. Place left hand on knee, bend over (keep back flat) and row the kettlebell up and back with your right arm. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Perform 12-15 reps then switch arms. Repeat both exercises 3-4 times.
  4. Find a seated hip abduction machine. This is the one where the pads go on the outside of your knees and you are pressing them outward to work glutes and outer thighs/hip abductors. Perform 15-20 reps and be sure not to let the weights crash together – so that means you have to constantly keep tension in the machine and never let your knees touch together. After 1 set, stand (or you can do these seated) and grab the kettlebell and do 12-15 overhead tricep extensions. Repeat both so you do 3-4 sets.
  5. Finish with some extra cardio and core. Do a standing high-knee run for 45 seconds and then hold a plank for 45 seconds. Repeat both 3-4 times.


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