New Video Series Coming Soon!

I was out in Laguna Beach, CA last week working on some fun new projects with Oakley Women! My partner Carrie and I featured some workouts that we do at our bootcamp, along with some product reviews, cooking demos and more! The project is still in the works – so stay tuned for more details […]

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Low Back Stretches For Runners

Many of my clients have struggled with low back pain at some point or another and it’s an area that I pay special attention to since I’m a runner. Running (and many other sports) can place stress on your lower back – especially if you have tight hamstrings. So, it’s important to stretch your low […]

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Best Supermarket Food Choices + Cari’s Top 10 Tips

Many people don’t have access to farmers markets, health food stores or other organic grocery stores such as Whole Foods (my favorite). You can still make healthy choices at chains such as Kroger, Wal-Mart, Tom Thumb, Randalls, etc. but you just need to educate yourself on the right products to pick. Most of these large chains have […]

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