Low Back Stretches For Runners

Many of my clients have struggled with low back pain at some point or another and it’s an area that I pay special attention to since I’m a runner. Running (and many other sports) can place stress on your lower back – especially if you have tight hamstrings. So, it’s important to stretch your low […]

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Tips For Running A Turkey Trot

This Thursday is Thanksgiving and that means it’s Turkey Trot time! It’s one of my favorite races to do all year and it’s a great way to get your day started and burn some pre-Thanksgiving feast calories! Run the Trot and you can burn an extra 300-400 (for 5k) to 600-800 (for 10k) calories before your […]

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2012 Chevron Houston Marathon

Three weeks ago I ran the Chevron Houston Marathon and I had another great experience! We had good weather (unlike last year’s rain) and the spectators were better than ever! I also had a lot of my friends and clients out around the course (thanks guys!!), so that always gives me something to look forward […]

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