My Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over 10 years now! Thank you to all of my subscribers – especially those that have been with me since the beginning! I haven’t been the most regular blogger, so thank you guys for being patient with me! I plan to start blogging more regularly and giving you guys posts that you can use – like sample workouts, training plans, etc. and also doing more travel reviews of some of the fit and healthy destinations that I visit. Below are my top 10 blog posts based on shares and views. If you are new to my blog- this will also give you an idea of the topics I typically cover. Comment below and let me know which of these (or other blog post) is your favorite!

My Top 10:

1. How To Train For A 10k In 6 Weeks

2. Dealing With A Knee Injury Right Before A Marathon

3. How the Hottest NFL Cheerleaders Stay Fit + Workout Tips

4. The BEST 30 Minute Workout

5. What Muscles Do I Use When I Run?

6. Mom And Baby Yoga – Tips And Sample Workouts

7. Sculpt A Bikini Butt

8. Transformation Tuesday – Meet Sarah Who Lost 50 Pounds!

9. 5 Questions to Ask Your Trainer DURING Your Workout

10. Last Minute Tips For Running Races: 5k to Marathon

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