Transformation Tuesday – Meet Sarah Who Lost 50 Pounds!

Meet Sarah. She has been my hair colorist/stylist for about 10 years and I am so proud of her and wanted to share her amazing story! Each time I get my hair done – I’m with her for a whopping 3+ hours, so needless to say we became good friends!

When I first met her and she started doing my hair, she was overweight and never exercised or ate right. I would try to talk to her about it and help her but she just didn’t seem to interested. But, after she had her daughter and she was at her heaviest –  she started asking me questions about fitness and nutrition and was interested in what I did for my workouts and food. She would tell me that she was trying to eat healthy but then tell me she at fast food or had a “cheat day” and explain what all she ate and I would just cringe! I was like “Sarah, NO!!”. I would tell her all the things I ate and she said that those things didn’t taste good (but now she actually likes them!).

At first, I just encouraged her to “just start walking” or tell her to cut out sodas and fast food. Then, every 8-10 weeks when I came in to see her again she would tell me about a new healthy food she tried or how she started lifting weights Slowly, but surely she started to get smaller and smaller and every time I came in I could see positive changes in her body and mind.  Once she got down to a healthier weight, she started asking me about marathon training but said she would never be able to run and couldn’t even run 1 mile without stopping. I told her that was ok and just keep trying to go a little farther each time, even if it’s slow. After a few months she was able to run 3 miles and that 3 miles eventually turned into a half marathon! She tells me now that there is “no way I’d ever go back” to being that unhealthy person she was. She is a true inspiration!

Here is a Q&A session I had with her:

  • How much weight have you lost? In total I’ve lost 50 pounds all through diet and exercise.
  • Were you always overweight? If not, what triggered you to gain weight? I wasn’t always overweight. I was fit through out my childhood and through high school. I think what triggered my weight gain was partly my love for food and just lack of motivation to take care of myself. I didn’t care. I started gaining weight at age 20. I had my first real boyfriend and all we did was go out to eat together.  I gained the weight so fast that I didn’t even realize that all of a sudden I was chubby. I remember I went shopping for jeans one day and couldn’t believe that I couldn’t fit in any of the sizes.  I thought for sure it was the stores fault. I couldn’t believe that a size 14-16 wouldn’t fit me. 
  • When did you decide to make a change and how long have you kept the weight off? I stayed heavy through out my twenties. I didn’t get motivated till I had my daughter. I realized that after having her I was in such bad shape physically and was having back pain at work. I was only 27 at the time. Being a single mom and having to work to support my daughter and I, I knew I had to do something. 
  • What was the first step you took to get to your new fit lifestyle (diet change, going for a walk, etc)? The first thing I did was I bought a treadmill. I walked everyday. I cut out sodas. And I started to learn how to cook.
  • What kept you going when you wanted to stop? My motivation this whole time has been to show my daughter how to live healthy. And I loved the way clothes fit. I could finally show off my sense of style cause I could shop anywhere. Clothes actually fit!!! 
  • How did you learn how to eat right and workout? I learned how to eat right and workout by asking questions. Asking everyone I knew that worked out what they did. How they stayed fit. Cari every time you came in for those 3 hours of me doing your hair, I asked you. Was this ok to eat? Can you help me? I’m trying to run. How can I finish running non stop at memorial park?  I couldn’t even run memorial park! 
  • Tell us a little about your workouts. My workouts today consist of running, lifting weights, hot yoga and cycling. I try new classes all the time. 
  • What is your favorite quick healthy meal or snack? I eat a lot of eggs. Keeps me full and they are good for you. 
  • How do you handle social situations now like eating out, holidays, parties, etc? When I eat out I still choose healthy options cause my stomach can’t handle heavy food anymore but I do allow myself to enjoy eating out. I’m not as strict.
  • What advice would you give to someone who is overweight and doesn’t know how to get started? The best advise I’d give to someone who is just starting out is to plan. You have to plan your meals. Your snacks. You have to stay prepared. I never let myself get too hungry where  I can make a bad choice. And just starting little by little.  Little changes combined end up making a big difference. 
  • What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to fit in workouts and eat right? My biggest problem is fitting in my workouts. With being a single mom and working full time it’s always a challenge. But in order for me to feel good I fit it in at least 4 times a week. I have to look at my week ahead and squeeze it in. I always have my workout clothes with me for that just in case.
  • What is something that you are most proud of doing now that you are healthy? I was so proud of myself running the half marathon last year. Never in my life could I have imagined that I would have done something like that. It was one of the best days of my life. I trained so hard for it. And to see my body and my accomplishments. It solidified my new lifestyle for me at that point.  And I couldn’t have been happier!

Sarah is seriously the best colorist and stylist in Houston and has also done my hair for many photoshoots, magazine covers, my DVD release party and also photoshoot with the Rockets Power Dancers (pics below). I highly recommend her and you can book an appointment through the Ceron Salon.

Hair by Sarah: