Sculpt A Bikini Butt

I’m thrilled to be included again in Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine. Below is the workout I created for them that is included in the Summer 2017 issue. The workout is actually a pull-out poster that’s great for summer travel – so pick up a copy on newsstands now!

Sculpt A Bikini Butt

by Alyssa Shaffer | Workout by Cari Shoemate | Photographs by Per Bernal


This high-intensity circuit is designed to whip your bottom into top shape. “All of the exercises are great for sculpting a tight, lifted butt because they not only work all parts of the glutes, but also the surrounding muscles, like the hamstrings and low back to make sure your whole backside is strong and the muscles work together efficiently,”says Cari Shoemate, a trainer in Houston. Each round builds in intensity, so you’ll also challenge your endurance along with your strength. Finish with some glute-focused cardio to blast fat while boosting your afterburn. Then get ready to rock that two-piece feeling fabulous!





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