At-Home Booty Workout – Regular + Prenatal

A couple of weeks ago I did a live booty/glutes workout with my friend Megan on Instagram. We wanted to share some of our favorite booty exercises that you can do at home without equipment. Since I’m pregnant – I showed how you can modify all of the exercises for pregnancy or just to take them down a notch. Below is the 10-minute workout you can do at home! *If you are pregnant – please check with your doctor before doing this or any workout.

10-Minute At-Home Booty Workout (pregnancy friendly)

Go through all of these exercises once, then if you have more time, repeat the whole circuit 1-2 times! If you want to make it harder, hold 1-2 weights or grab something heavy around your house like a water jug, etc.

1 Minute Each:

  • Walking Lunges (alternate legs) or you can do reverse lunges if you don’t have enough room to walk. PREGNANCY TIP: go slower
  • Plie Squats (point toes out slightly)
  • 3 Low Squat Pulses + 1 Squat Jump (3,2,1,Jump!) PREGNANCY TIP: omit the jump and just stand at the top.
  • Curtsy Lunges w/hip abduction (30 seconds each leg): step back with your right leg behind your left, but at an angle, bend both legs 90 degrees, as you stand to the top – release your right leg slightly out to the side then step back into the lunge and repeat.
  • Stiff-Leg Deadlifts: Keep legs almost completely straight and with a flat back, slide your hands down your legs until you back is parallel to the ground and then slide hands back to the top while keeping back flat. PREGNANCY TIP: If your belly is in the way, don’t lower down as far also keep glutes engaged to omit back tightness.
  • Low Squat Walk (stay low and step out to the right x 2 then back to the left x2 and keep repeating) PREGNANCY TIP: take breaks
  • Donkey Kicks (30-45 seconds each leg) PREGNANCY TIP: Don’t arch your back and try to keep your core engaged some
  • Side Plank w/ top leg lift (30-45 seconds each side) PREGNANCY TIP: You can keep your bottom knee on the ground for support

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