30 Minute Sample Kettlebell Workouts

Below are a few of my favorite kettlebell workouts to do at home and all are less than 30 minutes! Kettebell workouts are great because you can get in a good HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout with just one piece of equipment. You can use it for cardio and strength training! Kettlebells are also great to use if you have a knee or ankle injury because there is very little stress placed on the lower body joints and no pounding or jumping movements. I also recommend kettlebell workouts during pregnancy (be sure to check with your doctor first and use a lighter weight than you would pre-pregnancy). Below are a few of my favorite kettlebell workouts to do at home and all are less than 30 minutes!

TIPS: If you are new to kettlebells I recommend checking out a few videos online or setup and appointment with a trainer to show you how to use them. Also, start with a lighter weight and progress with heavier. For women I recommend anywhere from 10lb to 25lb. I typically use my 15lb and my 20lb. The 15 is good for adding in some strength moves (like single-arm bicep curls) but then I like the 20 for the swings and things like bent-over rows.



Warmup 5min first.

  • 15 Squats holding KB
  • 15 KB Swings
  • Repeat set twice.
  • 15 Plie’ squats (with toes pointing slightly outward) with an upright row holding KB with both hands
  • 15 Standing Bicep Curls (hold KB with both hands unless it’s way too light – then do 15 each arm)
  • Repeat Set twice.
  • 15 KB Swings
  • 15 calf raises (holding KB)
  • 20 KB Swings
  • Repeat Set twice.



*Use the heaviest KB you can without sacrificing your form. Limit rest time to make more advanced.

Warmup 5min first.

  • 30 KB Swings
  • 30 One-arm pushups (one hand is on the KB laying flat – not handle) – 15 each side
  • 30 Reverse lunges (alternate left/right) while holding KB in the air above head with both hands.
  • Repeat whole set 2 times.
  • 40 Single Arm KB Swings (switch hands mid-air)
  • 40 Bent Over Rows (20 each arm)
  • 40 Squats to shoulder press with single-arm shoulder press holding KB (20 on each arm)
  • Repeat whole set 2 times.
  • 50 KB Swings
  • 50 Triceps (25 overhead extensions holding KB with both hands) + 25 Tricep Pushups (no KB)
  • 50 Seated Russian Twists (hold KB near stomach)
  • Repeat whole set 2 times.


For Pregnancy or Post-Natal

*Be sure you are cleared by your doctor first to do these exercises and incorporate as many rest intervals as you need.

Warmup for 5 min first.

  • 20 KB Swings (start with lightest KB first and see how you feel)
  • Hold a wall-sit as long as you can with KB in your lap (aim for 30-90 seconds). Make sure your back is up against the wall and your legs make a 90 degree angle with knees on top of ankles.
  • 15 Single-Arm Shoulder Presses with KB (do each arm)
  • 20 Deadlifts holding KB (keep legs almost straight and only bend over until your back is parallel to ground)
  • 15 Plie’ squats with upright rows
  • Hold a plank (either high plank with arms straight or on your forearms) for 30-60 seconds.

*Repeat Circuit 2 times.

Stretch after and/or do some light yoga and deep breathing exercises.



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