Actually SEE What a Healthy Meal Does to Your Body!

I watched this clip on Good Morning America this week and it was pretty shocking. It’s common sense to know that eating a large, greasy meal will tear up your insides and clog your arteries but what’s amazing is that it starts to happen immediately after you eat!

Most people don’t think about what each meal is doing to their body. Once they swallow and it’s out of sight – it’s out of mind! Next time you eat something that you know is bad for you…think about what your poor body is having to do inside of you for dammage control!

This video shows what happens to your blood and arteries when you eat bad and then what it looks like when you eat healthy.  Next time you go out to eat, look for the healthier options. Most restaurants DO have them but sometimes you have to get creative on your own (like ordering with no sauce or order smaller items a-la-carte). Don’t feel bad about being picky at restaurants – if we all start demanding healthier options, we might get them.


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