What’s Hot: New Product Reviews!

Ok, guys…here is another round of product reviews that you have been asking for! This time I’ve included food, gear and clothes!

Lululemon Jumprope


I have this yellow one and I love it! It has great cork handles and a thick plastic rope that does not get tangled. Plus, it’s easy to adjust for different heights by just adding an extra loop or knot in the rope. I’m working on my skills and might even do a blog post and/or video on jump-rope soon! It’s such a great cardio workout!

Muscle Milk Light


I’ve never been a fan of pre-made shakes because most have tons of fake chemicals, lots of calories, sugar and fat. The shakes are low carb (only 3g) but it has 15g of protein and only 100 calories. It’s a good alternative to higher calorie shakes post-workout. I’ve been drinking one of these after my long runs on Saturdays because the extra protein can help my muscles recover. But, since these are low in carbs, which are important after long runs (to replenish glycogen) I also add a simple carb snack with the shake.  I like the chocolate and vanilla the best because the mint chocolate has a weird after-taste. You can get them at Randall’s or even Target.

Michael Kors Green Watch


Ok, guys…I’m going to let my secret out! This is the watch that I’ve had for almost 6 months that you have been asking me about! I swear I get a comment on it every day! I love the watch because it’s a cool sporty-style and slightly oversized. But, the best part is that the band is rubber so I can wear it during classes and weight training because sweat will not hurt it. I have to say..it’s held up nicely and it goes with everything…I even wear it out on the weekends when I’m in “normal” clothes. I got mine at the Michael Kors store in Vegas but you can order it online.

The Stick


Foam rollers have become popular over the last few years and they are a great way to massage and roll out your muscles to prevent soreness. But, foam rollers are pretty big, don’t have handles and are sometimes awkward to use. In comes “The Stick”! I saw a girl at my gym using one of these in between miles on the treadmill. I asked her about it and she said she loved it…so I decided to buy one myself. It’s a great tool because you can use it almost anywhere on your body and even hard to reach places like your back. Also, it’s lightweight and easy to store or pack. I love it after my runs and whenever I feel a tight muscle coming on. I got my travel sized one at Luke’s Locker here in Houston.

Firecracker Chocolate Bar!


Ok…yes…even I am bad at times and have to give in to some sweet treats! I occasionally buy dark chocolate bars and last time I was at Central Market, this one caught my attention! It’s called Firecracker for a reason…it has pop-rocks and spicy chipotle in the bar! Your mouth is going to start crackling and popping the minute you bite into it. It’s really fun and is tasty too! Plus, the dark chocolate and chipotle provide some antioxidants : )

Nike Women’s Running Capris


I’m very picky when it comes to my workout pant/shorts. I teach all day long and I also like to fit in a run either in the morning or evening. Plus, I hate having to change from cardio pants for a weights class, to yoga pants for yoga and then running shorts for my run. That’s way too many outfits for one day. So…lately I’ve been using Nike’s running capris. I have like 4 pairs of the style that came out about a year ago and I loved them. They changed the style since and some of them I don’t like because either they are too long on the legs, the waist is either too high or low or the fabric seems too tight. Well, I found these at Lukes Locker here in Houston (you can order online via Nike store too). I like them because they are a flattering length and the best part is the waist…they have an inner drawstring and then you can fold it down to make it low-rise or leave it up depending on what top you are wearing. Love them!

Peeled Snacks


I heard about these in a magazine recently and decided to order a sample box. I got them the other day and just finished my bag of “Cherry-Go-Round” while I was typing this article. They come in single-serving pouches so you don’t have to worry about calculating calories (most are under 150) and they are easy to store in your purse, car or office. Most are either dried fruits or nuts (Yum!). It’s really not too pricey either…$17.99 for a box of 8 which comes out to about $2.50 per pouch after shipping charges….less than your Starbucks Latte!

*Send me your comments…let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or if you think you will!

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