Checkout Fergie’s Diet!

Did you see Fergie at the Grammy’s a few weeks ago? She looks amazing! She reportedly gained 13-17lb for her movie Nine but has since lost all the weight and now looks leaner than ever. She has to work just as hard as everybody else to maintain her shape. It’s no secret that she works out a lot “…always up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness…”!! haha. But, also she knows that diet is half the battle. According to Life & Style magazine, Fergie’s nutritionist says a typical day for her goes like this:

BREAKFAST: Fergie begins her day with a protein-packed six-egg-white veggie omelet, seasoned with salsa or hot sauce. A smart start on the go? Pack two slices of 100-percent whole-grain toast with 2 tablespoons of low-fat peanut butter.

MID-A.M. BITE: Top 4 ounces of low-fat or no-fat plain organic yogurt with 2 tablespoons of low-sugar granola (such as Bear Naked). “It’s low in sugar and has protein,” says Wiatt, who suggests pairing it with a bowl of fiber-filled berries. (Cottage cheese makes a great yogurt alternative.)

LUNCH: A Fergie fave? Mixed greens, a quarter of an avocado (for healthy fat), 4 ounces of shredded chicken (for protein) and half an antioxidant-rich grapefruit, all tossed with a nonfat dressing. (The same ingredients can be rolled into a 100-percent whole-grain tortilla!)

MIDDAY SNACK: Fergie’s go-to munchie? Light organic cheese (like a mozzarella stick or 1 ounce of Jarlsberg Lite) and rice crackers with flaxseed. (You can eat eight!) She never goes anywhere without first tucking fiber-filled Kashi bars into her purse.

PRE-SUPPER NOSH: Wiatt whips up a pureed vegetable soup — sans cream. At only 50 calories per cup, the small indulgence is super filling. Other lite treats? Carrots dipped in 2 tablespoons of hummus, a cup of air-popped popcorn or almonds!

DINNER: Fergie eats salmon (rich in Omega-3’s, which make hair and skin shiny and prevent bloating) and half a cup of whole-wheat couscous. She piles on 2 cups of veggies and adds 2 tablespoons of chili sauce or honey Dijon mustard for flavor. (Grilled balsamic chicken, brown rice and a side of sautéed spinach is another great dinner option.)

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