Celebrity Workout With Erica Rose

How To Workout Like A Celebrity

I recently filmed a short workout video with my client Erica Rose titled “How to Workout Like a Celebrity”! You may know Erica from TV’s The Bachelor a few years ago and most¬†recently¬†from VH1’s You’re Cut Off. She has been a blast to work with at Fit and she’s really a hard worker when it comes to her workouts. BUT, sometimes she’s distracted by calls and texts from friends, costars and her agent. I came up with the idea for the video after one day we were doing the side crunches and I really did look back and she was texting behind me the whole time! But, don’t let the video fool you…she is strong…read the inserted slides for her actual workouts.

**Stay tuned for more information about workouts with Erica including announcements about our NEW DVD!


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