My Playlist + A Tip for Placing in a 5k

I ran the TXU Turkey Trot here in Houston on Thanksgiving day and thought I’d share the playlist and a tip that helped me land in 3rd place! I really haven’t been doing much speedwork or hills, so I wasn’t planning to go very fast. But, I decided I’d push myself for a change and see what I could do. I usually start further back and end up wasting time running round people that aren’t there to race. I think most people don’t realize that you should let the faster runners start up front and if you are planning to have an easy run, walk or jog with a stroller…you should start at the back of the pack.  So, my tip is: if you are planning to go fast…start really close to the start line. I felt bad pushing past people to get to the front, but I’m glad I did because it helped me get my time of 23:22. Another thing that I think helped me is that I was really relaxed and just there to have fun : )

Here is my playlist:

My Award:

A cute leather turkey coaster : )

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