What Time Of Day Should I Workout?

Now that Spring is here, you may feel that your current workout routine isn’t working for you anymore. This could be because you are still getting adjusted to the time change and warmer weather, or maybe you are just bored. But, if you can’t seem stick to a regular routine, it may be because you don’t really have a “regular” routine at all. Many people are all over the place when it comes to their workout schedule and they end up just fitting it in at the last minute or between other priorities. This is not the way to get in shape and see results! You have to make your health and fitness the priority and this starts with your workouts. In my experience, those that have a regular consistent workout time are the ones that are in the best shape and get the results they want.

Try an EVENING workout if…

You just hate waking up early in the morning, always hit the snooze button and you end up with only a 10 minute workout (if any). Try an evening workout instead! Do it at the end of the day (not right after a big meal) when you can take your time. Just eat a snack 30min before and do your evening meal or dinner after the workout.

Try a MORNING workout if..

You always run into excuses, errands, or other priorities that are later in the day. You may have the best intentions of doing that 6pm workout, but when family, happy hour or a last minute grocery store trip has to be done, you are likely to miss your workout. So, try mornings! All you need to do is go to bed a little earlier and set out your workout clothes as a reminder. Don’t have an hour? Just do a really hard 30-45min interval workout to keep your heart rate up.

Try a MID-DAY workout if…

You aren’t a morning person and you are just too busy at night! You are always go, go, go and can never seem to fit it in! Well, everybody has to take a break at some point and a mid-day workout would be great for your mind and body. Don’t have enough time to workout, shower and change clothes? Either do a really hard 30min interval or cardio session so you can fit it all in, or save your hard cardio and ultra sweaty workouts for the weekends. If that still doesn’t work, fit in 5-10minutes of walking stairs throughout your day.

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  • Lynnette April 18, 2011  

    I go with the Mid-Day workouts!

  • cari April 19, 2011  

    Thanks for the comment Lynnette! Yeah, mid-day works great and will help you break up your day too! Keep it up : )

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