Join Me For NBC Universal’s “Healthy Week”!

Hi guys! I’ll be in NYC next week to lead workouts in Times Square as part of NBC Universal’s “Healthy Week”! Join us in taking a step towards a healthier lifestyle in this iconic installation, where every step counts towards a charitable donation to the American Cancer Society “Choose You” initiative. A running ticker collects all the footsteps (via sensors on the steps) with a goal of 1 million steps! You can also follow along with me as I lead workouts on stage! You can view the schedule HERE. Right now, I’m scheduled to be on stage at these times:

Tuesday May 24th 12:30pm – Workout with me and former Biggest Loser winners!

Wednesday May 25th 10am – Morning Yoga Workout!

I’ll also be in ExerciseTV’s booth during the day giving out custom workout plans! Come say hello!


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