Marathon Training – First Month

Hi guys! I started back up with Marathon training 3 weeks ago and thought I’d try to post my weekly training schedules on here so that you could follow along if you want. If you aren’t currently running 6 miles, just scale back this plan to adjust. I basically increase my long run by 1 mile per week for 3 consecutive weeks and then drop it back by about 40% to recover for 1 week. I’m planning to run the Houston Marathon Jan. 15th and possibly the Rock ‘N Roll Marathon in Las Vegas on Dec 4th and then maybe one after Houston (possibly an “ultra”).

When I started back 3 weeks ago, I was already running about 2-3 days a week and could easily run 6 miles, so that’s the milege I started my long run with. If you aren’t at 6 miles yet, you can start out doing your long run at 3 miles – or wherever you are comfortable. Here is what my training looked like along with this week’s plan:

8/13: 6 mile long run
8/20: 9 miles (I normally don’t jump up by 3 miles and wouldn’t recommend – stick to the 10% rule)
8/27: 10 miles

*Remember your long runs should be about 30-90 seconds slower than your goal marathon pace or even slower because of the heat! You should be running at a “conversational” pace for your easy runs and long runs. If you are breathing heavy – you are going too fast.

Training Plan for This Week

(most weeks will be similar, but the mileage will increase)

Monday: 2 miles easy + abs
Tuesday: 3 miles with the last 2 being sprints (short sprints this week with 1 block sprint 1 block walk or slow jog); Hamstrings, Glutes, Quads, Shoulders and Abs
Wednesday: 3 Miles easy + Total Body Workout
Thursday: 2 miles of hills (warmup for 0.5mile flat first then do 10 long hills fast and 10 short hill sprints and recover between hills); Chest, Back, Biceps, Triceps and Abs
Friday: Nike Training Club workout (get the APP Here or on your iPhone). This is one of my new favorite ways to cross train. *Check back for exciting news on that soon!
Saturday: Long Run – Recovery week: 6 miles
Sunday: Yoga (60min)

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