Tips For Traveling on Carnival Breeze

I recently got back from another amazing vacation with Carnival Cruises. This time my family and I went on the Carnival Breeze. The Breeze is one of their bigger ships and has lots to offer everyone including families, fitness enthusiasts, spa lovers and even foodies. I had an amazing time and want to especially thank crewmember Ivana – who went out of her way to make us feel special! She was truly amazing and she made us feel right at home!

I’ve traveled quite a bit on Carnival and I can say that they are my favorite cruise line. In my experience (myself and close family members have traveled on many different cruise lines) – Carnival is the most fun and definitely have more things to do for kids. This was my second time on the Breeze – so I wanted to share some of my top tips if you are thinking of cruising on the Breeze – or other Carnival Cruise.

Book your trip early. We sometimes wait too long and are surprised by how many of the rooms are already sold out. So, book your trip as soon as you decide to go. Carnival is also really good about allowing you to cancel without penalty (date restrictions apply) or use your deposit towards a future cruise.

Pack lightly and take advantage of storage in the room. For my first few cruises, I always packed way too much! Then, I realized that I was either in workout clothes, bathing suits or evening attire. So, now…I usually pack about 5 mix and match workout outfits that can also double as bathing suit cover ups (tanks and shorts are great for this) and that I can also wear out on excursions (there is usually a lot of walking). Then, I usually pack 2-3 bathing suits and a 1 good cover up dress. For the evenings – we love dining in the dining room (see below) so I have fun planning outfits for this. Also, in the evenings they have photographers set up all over the ship ready to take your photos- so it’s fun to dress up! I usually bring 5-6 new outfits but sometimes will rewear my dark jeans or top (to layer) and then 2 “formal” outfits that are usually dresses or rompers. Also, the less you pack – the more room you’ll have in your stateroom. The staterooms are surprisingly laid out well though and take advantage of the drawers, closets and cabinets for your things and store your suitcases under the bed.

Getting ready for dinner in my stateroom

You may want to bring a stroller. Check your itinerary and also what excursions you plan on doing. Some cruise terminals are very long (like in Cozumel) – where you have to walk quite a far way before you get to your excursion check-in point. Also, if it’s in summer and super hot – strollers with sun shades can be great for little ones. However, if you aren’t getting of the ship much or are taking a smaller boat directly from the ship – you may be able to leave your stroller at home. Just do some research first.

Eat most of your dinners in the dining room. The evening dining on board is really a great experience and the food is fabulous. I have to admit – before I started cruising, I expected most of the dining to just be so/so and very limited. That’s not the case on the Breeze (or other Carnival ships). The chefs on board have many years of experience and come from all over the world. The dishes are very creative with great presentation and above all – taste amazing. I was fortunate to get a private tour of the galley and tasting with Senior Sous Chef Davide and Executive Chef Shiva. I want to give special thanks to them for allowing me to sample all of the wonderful dishes! The food is very creative and there is something for everyone – foodies, vegans and healthy eaters.

With Chefs Davide and Shiva


A sample of the evening’s appetizers

Definitely visit the steakhouse. – The small extra charge is way worth it. The Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse on the Breeze has a cool modern atmosphere and they really go above and beyond to make your dining experience special. I had the lobster tails with baked potato and it was fabulous and still healthy. Don’t miss the amazing presentation of the “Art at the Table” dessert. The chef comes to your table and basically creates a piece of art on a large board with fruit syrups, jellies and candies for paring. Then, the finale is when you crack open a chocolate ball with your spoons to reveal a surprise! Highly recommended!

         “Art at the Table” dessert

              With Fahrenheit 555 Chef Brendan                       

Take advantage of the gym and outdoor fitness equipment. I did a mix of workouts including indoor gym workouts (treadmill and free weights) but then also ran on the outdoor track and used the outdoor gym stations (body weight machines and boxing bag). They have mini golf and basketball too! Sometimes it’s hard to fit in workouts in between all the fun things to do, but you will feel so much better about yourself – even if you just take 20 minutes a day.I did most of mine early before my kids woke up. Then, I didn’t feel so bad about indulging in some of the amazing desserts on board (hello chocolate melting cake!). Check out my other post for sample workouts to do on board a cruise ship.

Mini Golf!   

Fitting in my workouts!

If you have kids – make sure to reserve the Dr. Seuss breakfast. This is such a fun event where they transform one of the dining rooms into a Dr. Seuss wonderland with red, fun table decorations, an ice sculpture, special appearances from Dr. Seuss characters and of course…a very special breakfast. Although the “green eggs and ham” weren’t appealing to me – they had many other fun items for the kids as well as “normal” things for the adults like eggs your way, turkey bacon and more.

Play with your kids at Camp Ocean. If you don’t want to leave your kids at Camp Ocean (which is amazing and super fun) or they don’t want to stay – you can play with them during “family play” times. Just check the schedule for available times when you can go.

If you get sick, they have you covered. I can sometimes be a worrywart – so  I like to know where I can go if one of my kids or myself gets sick on vacation. Luckily – they have a full staff of onsite doctors and nurses there on the ship to help. They can even work with your insurance.

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