If you’ve been curious about the Get Fit Done Guide, but haven’t felt ready to commit to the entire 4-week Get Fit Done program, we have good news for you!  Next week, we’ll be starting the Get Fit Done 7-Day Reset!  It’s a Plan you can do in just 7 days for quick results! This is perfect to get ready for SPRING BREAK!

If you’ve been following along with me and Megan – we are on Week 4 of the guide and will be starting the Get Fit Done 7-Day Reset on Monday, March 4th.  But, all of the weeks are interchangeable – so you can totally do the Reset even if you are on week 1! The Reset Plan is included in the Get Fit Done Guide, so if you’ve already purchased it, it starts on page 113.

We created this plan to help you get ready for a big event or for something where you just want to be looking your best and feeling confident in your skin. It’s also a great plan to jumpstart your health and fitness journey (because you will get GREAT RESULTS!) and it will keep you motivated to continue!

For a more long term approach to your fitness goals, the Get Fit Done Guide is a better choice and includes printables to help organize your life and track your progress.  But, it you want to get in shape as quickly as you can, the 7-Day Reset Plan is the way to go!


Plan to workout seven days this week for maximum results! We’ve provided 4 intense, at-home workouts with descriptive pictures and detailed instructions – each should take you between 30 and 40 minutes to complete. You get to choose your cardio the other three days and we also have recommendations for that so you know what to do!

If you prefer, you may substitute one day of cardio for your favorite workout in the Plan as long as you do that workout for 45 minutes. To really see results, make sure that your cardio days match the intensity of the workout days!

We also give you 7 days of meal plans with three meals and two snacks each day. The recipes for these meals are included and all are designed with your busy schedule in mind (great for families too)!  There’s also a shopping list for you to take to the store with you.  We want you to be able to purchase the Reset now, so that you can prepare and grocery shop and be ready to go with us on Monday, March 4th!

You’ll also get access to our Happy Mail Fitness Newsletter with FREE bonus content and encouragement to keep you going strong!

And you’re welcome to join our Private Get Fit Done Facebook community of over 2,200 awesome, like minded women!


The entire 128-page Get Fit Done Guide is $79 (best value with a 4-week workout and meal plan + the 7-Day Reset & printables), but we’re offering the 7-Day Reset for a discounted rate of just $22!  That’s less than a tank of gas, eating lunch out three times a week, or 5 Starbuck’s coffees!

We wanted the Reset to be accessible to everyone because we know how beneficial and effective it is! It’s the same program I followed leading up to the photos for the GFD Guide!

We are so honored to be joining you on your fitness journey friend.  You can get your  ‘7-Day Reset’ via instant digital download by clicking the button below.

Buy the GET FIT DONE Guide

Buy the 7-DAY RESET

You can do anything for 7 days! Megan and I are both doing this plan to prep for Spring Break which starts for us March 11th! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you’ll be using your 7-Day Reset to get in shape for! 

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