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Konnichiwa!! I just got back from my trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong last night. When I was in Tokyo I decided to take a yoga class at a local studio not too far from the Shiodome area in Ginza where I stayed. I have a friend in Tokyo who teaches at another studio and recommended for me to try the Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in Tokyo near the Meguro subway station. My first piece of advice about yoga in Tokyo is be prepared go early in case you have trouble finding the location. Tokyo is super crowded and every large building has a mix of residential units, restaurants, shops and stores on every floor. Also, unlike the US, most only accept payment in cash and yoga can be price (my class was 3,000 yen – about $34!). I decided to take the Yin/Yang class from Akiko. When I first entered the tiny studio, I removed my shoes (this is important everywhere in Japan) and then changed into yoga pants in the small changing room. In Tokyo, you will not see many people (if any) wandering the streets in workout clothes or even nice yoga pants. So, if you are planning to go to a gym or take a yoga class…it’s best to change once you get to the facility. The class was pretty similar to other hatha style classes I’ve taken in the US but the instructor only did sun salutations for a small part of the class. Most of the class focused on holding seated stretches, including seated forward bends, spinal rotations, etc. with some heel balances in between. The instructor’s English was good and her instructions were clear. Overall, I enjoyed the class but probably would have enjoyed one of the more advanced classes that they studio offers.  If you are looking to take a class in Tokyo you can also check out these other studios that offer mostly English classes:


Furla Yoga:

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