How NOT to Eat This 4th of July Weekend!


Alright guys…the 4th of July is not another excuse to eat whatever you want! If you do…you will end up packing on the pounds over the weekend and head back to work nice and bloated on Monday. If you are like me, this weekend will be spent with family, friends and endless amounts of food and drink. Just thinking about the next few days makes me swell up. My weekend will consists of a family fish-fry one night and then a bbq party with plenty of snacks in between. So…here is my plan of attack:

Friday Night Fish Fry:


Have a few pieces of fish (small ones) and pass on the fries and hush-puppies. My Dad’s fried catfish is the best, so I will try my hardest not to go back for seconds! I may have some cole-slaw if it isn’t soaked in mayo but cole-slaw usually has tons of sugar. Instead, I’m going to see if my parents can make a mixed green salad with some veggies or I’ll offer to bring one myself.

Saturday Morning:

“No, Dad..I don’t need bacon AND sausage”.




If your family is like mine…they  like 2 meats with EVERY meal. Kinda funny since I don’t usually eat meat. Instead, I’ll ask for a scrambled egg (with no butter), some wheat toast and fruit. I’ll leave the sausage and gravy for my dad.

Saturday During the Day:

BEER TIME! We will be out on the lake all day and I’m sure I’ll be quite thirsty. So…my better option is to wait as late in the day as possible (not only to avoid extra calories but to prevent from getting drowsy and missing the fireworks that night!). Then, I’ll alternate one alcoholic beverage with H2O. I’ve recently tried Michelob Ultra’s new raspberry/pomegranate beer and it tastes really great and only has 107 calories (95 for the plain).


Saturday Night Neighborhood BBQ:

Here is going to be the challenge. TONS of food and very little healthy options. This is where I might try to bring my healthy potato salad (see recipe of the month) or some mixed fruit or watermelon slices (yum!). TIP: I’ll probably eat a healthy snack about an hour before I go to the party (like fruit, nuts or a low-sugar granola bar). For starters…again…light beer or a glass of wine and maybe some plain cheese and crackers or chips and salsa (don’t make eye contact with the queso!).  I will avoid anything fried, bacon-wrapped or mixed with mayo (which will be a challenge). Then, for my main meal…salad, salad, fruit and more salad. I’ll scope out the green salads (without a lot of dressings), baked beans and maybe a small amount of pasta salad if it doesn’t have mayo. Then, I’ll add on from there choosing any grilled veggies (corn on the cob, mixed veggies, etc), grilled shrimp/fish and my healthy potato salad (or other healthy version). Grilled chicken, steak or even some lean brisket is also an option as long as it’s in moderation.  Get it dry and add a small amount of sauce on the side (BBQ sauce is packed with sugar, sodium and empty calories). Also, most BBQ’s have pickles, olives and other tasty condiments that you can add to your plate for variety, flavor and few calories. As for desert…I’ll try to stick to my watermelon slices and maybe a bite of a brownie. watermelon

Workout Plan:

Even though we will be away from home, I’m taking my running gear and plan to get in at least 2 runs. I like to take advantage of the hilly road outside my parents’ house and if I go early in the morning it’s not too hot. Two 30-45 min. runs will definitely help me burn off some of these calories and I won’t feel so bad about the extra beer and bite (or 3) of brownie : )

Happy 4th of July! Be safe and have a great weekend!


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