Join My Summer Training Camp!

Make this the summer you slim down and look's not too late to join!

Summer Training Camp

Cari’s Summer Training Camp was designed to help you kick-start a healthy lifestyle and introduce you to the wide range of fun and healthy fitness activities you can do in Houston. It includes a variety of strength training and cardio activities including: boxing, resistance bands, running, yoga and more. In addition, monthly members will get a food journal (and reviews by Cari), nutrition advice, assessment with goal setting and body analysis.

Cari will also take the group on an optional grocery store tour to learn how to shop healthy; on a restaurant tour to learn to order healthy; and an optional shopping trip to buy functional and stylish workout clothes and the latest gear. Memberships are $200/month or you can pay $20 for a single class.

To sign up click HERE or to get more information, email me at [email protected]

Make this the summer you slim down and look great…it’s not too late to join!

What’s Included?

  • 2 Outdoor workouts a week at various locations so you won’t get bored (Spotts Park, Memorial Park, Sabine bridge, etc).  They will consist of cardio + strength training. Workouts will include upper body, lower body and abs by mixing in boxing, resistance bands, kettlebells, plyometrics and more!
  • Package Also Includes (*For monthly members): a Food Journal; Personal Assessment and Goal Setting; Before/After Photos and Measurements; Yoga Classes at Joy Yoga; Kenyan Way Workouts, Cari’s Exclusive Recommendations for Online ExerciseTV Videos and Home Workouts, Workout Plan for Other days and a Copy of Cari’s new ExerciseTV dvd!
  • Saturday Classes Include: a Grocery Store Tour, Shopping Tour (gear, watches, shoes, clothes,etc) at Luke’s Locker; Restaurant Tour (how to decide what to order at your fave places) and more…

What About the Heat?!

We will be in the shade and as long as you bring plenty of fluids you will do great. Cari will monitor participants closely and will offer advice on how to workout in the heat. You will burn more calories and condition your body.

Is This a Bootcamp?

No. This is more like personal training but in a group setting. Cari will not be wearing camouflage and  there will be minimal screaming : )

What If I’m Out of Shape?

Each training group is limited to 10 people and all levels are welcome. Cari will adjust your reps/weights and cardio requirements based on your level of fitness and your goals. It will feel like personal training because Cari will be very involved.


Every Week: Monday and Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm

+ 2 Saturday Classes per month (date/time TBD)

How Much?

$200 Per Month Total = Only $20/hour! ( less than 1/5 Cari’s personal training rates!)

To Sign Up or for more info, email: [email protected]

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