What Does My Trainer Eat – For Snacks?

A few healthy snacks that taste greatLately, these have been my go-to snacks between breakfast and lunch or lunch/dinner.  All three have carbs and protein and are low in sugar. The Larabars have more sugar because they are made from real fruit…but that kind of sugar is ok! I buy the bars at Whole Foods and the almonds at Target. You can do plain almonds or other flavored almonds, as long as you don’t chose ones that are high in salt/sodium or sugar, which is added to a lot of nuts to make them taste better.

Details (per serving):

  • Mini Larabars: 90 cal, 5g fat, 0mg sodium, 2g protein, 9g sugar,
  • Think Thin Bites: 100 calories, 4g fat, 105mg sodium, 6g protein, 0g sugar
  • Emerald Coco Roast Almonds – Dark Chocolate. 150 cal, 13g fat, 25mg sodium, 6g protein, 1g sugar

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  • Madeline April 22, 2011  

    I love those chocolate almonds! Larabars are great too, especially the nut flavors. Never had the Think Thin bites though.

  • cari April 28, 2011  

    Hi Madeline! Thanks for the comment : ) Yeah…try the Think Thin bites…they are great too.

  • JP May 5, 2011  

    Why shouldn’t we eat the salted nuts? I thought we need electrolytes when we run?

  • cari May 5, 2011  

    Hi JP! Yes, we do need electrolytes…especially if you are sweating a lot. But, you shouldn’t try to consume extra salt and sodium in your diet because it will cause bloating and it’s bad for your heart. Always choose salt or sodium-free when you eat. If you are sweating a lot during your workouts, choose a low-sugar sports drink like G2 or water with electrolytes (to prevent dehydration) instead of eating something salty!

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