Songs for Your Marathon Playlist!

Are you training for a fall or winter marathon and looking for some cool tunes to get you through your training runs? Add a couple of these running-themed songs to keep you motivated! This mix is only a little more than an add them to your current favorites for a longer playlist.

*Question For My Readers: Do you listen to music on races, particularly marathons? Are you planning to use your ipod on your next Marathon? Let me know…send me your comments!

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  • Cody Burleson October 12, 2009  

    I’ve heard that there are some people who frown upon MP3 toting marathoners, but never-mind them. I carried my Nano along in my first. While I didn’t use it during the first half, it saved me in the second. I needed every bit of juice I could get and the emotional juice created by a little bit of inspirational music can make a huge difference. With just seven miles to go, every step sent my right knee screaming with excruciating pain. I ran (or … well… sort of walked) those last seven miles with gritted teeth and Van Halen’s “Right Now” urging me along. Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” also kept my spirits up. The music helped keep my mind off things like the distance remaining and how much pain I felt.

    Music moves the soul…and the soul moves the feet!

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