New Product Find – Truffle Popcorn! YUM!!

Popcorn and wine

I love truffles..not because they are expensive and a delicacy…but because they have such a great unique flavor! Don’t confuse “real” truffles (similar to a mushroom) with the chocolate kind which are just shaped like truffles.

realtruffle VS.    choc truffle

Usually truffles are infused in dishes such as risotto, pastas and other things that will absorb the rich flavor. Most of the time truffle oil is used because a real truffle is VERY expensive and about $1,500 a pound! Over the last year or so, it seems truffle flavored items have become more popular and include chips, french fries, crackers and even popcorn…including new favorite product…Charlie’s Truffle Popcorn! I’ve tried to make my own before with regular popcorn sprinkled with a small amount of truffle oil, but it usually turns out to greasy and it just adds extra fat. This popcorn is light with 130 calories and 8g of fat (0 trans fat and only 1g sat fat) per serving, but that’s 1/3 of the bag.  It also has 6 grams of fiber AND 6 grams of protein which makes it a healthy snack. It’s great on its own but also works great for parties or happy hours because it tastes great with a glass of wine. I found mine at Central Market.

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