What is Agave Nectar?


By now, you’ve probably heard of agave nectar or maybe seen it in your local grocery store by the honey and syrups. Most people associate agave with tequila because it is the plant (cactus-type) that the tequila is made from. The nectar (or syrup) looks almost identical to honey and can be used to sweeten beverages, foods and anything else you would normally use honey or syrup for.

Benefits of Agave vs. Sugar or Honey:

Agave has a low glycemic index. This means that it takes longer for the body to process this sugar (in the form of fructose since it is a natural sugar) and thus, you will have fewer blood sugar spikes. Refined sugars, syrups and other sweet/sugary products with a higher glycemic index raise the blood sugar faster and thus, cause spikes in insulin. Your body will process agave nectar easier and after it’s consumed you won’t have that dreaded sugar “crash” you often get from candies, sodas and other sweetened products.

You can buy agave nectar at most grocery stores and organic markets. Try it in your coffee or tea in the morning or use it to sweeten your greek yogurt, protein shakes or morning waffles.

It can also be used in a tasty salad dressing….check out my recipe of the month to see how Giada uses agave!

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