Cari’s Fitness Favorites

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a favorites post – so I have a lot of new products that I wanted to share with you guys! Most of these are health and fitness related, except for the baby gear – so just skip over that section if it doesn’t apply to you.

Workout Clothes & Gear

I really like lucy’s capris that have pockets so I can stash my key or energy gel when I run. My 2 favorites with pockets are the “endurance run” capris and the “pocket capris”. I’m also a huge fan of Lorna Jane and love their bright colors and sporty style. I recently shot workout for Lorna Jane in my favorite green tank. Of course, Oakley is still my favorite for active glasses and lately I’ve been switching back and forth between my go-to Daisy Chains and the Urgency for running. I also found some great tanks and capris by Under Armour and I got them at Six:02 – which is one of my favorite stores because they not only have clothes but all the best brands in shoes (Nike, Asics, etc).

I live in Houston, so that means I have the pleasure of working out with mosquitoes year-round. Now that I have a baby – I really don’t want to spray myself down with chemicals and insect repellents every time I head outside to run or go teach bootcamp. So, I’ve been experimenting with citronella products – including these Mosquitno bands. They seem to work good and they are a good alternative to sprays.

For gym workouts I usually take my water bottle AND my blender bottle for my post-workout whey… until now! Blender Bottle recently released a new bottle called a Pro Stack that has a built-in section for your powders so you can keep it separate! So, now I can use my Blender Bottle as a water bottle during my workout and then turn it into a post-workout shake after! Great idea!


I don’t do a ton of baking – but this time of year I occasionally make a batch of (healthy-ish) cookies or other holiday treat. Instead of using traditional sugar – I’ve been using Zulka which is minimally processed cane sugar that comes from family farms. If I want to make something low-cal I use these new Truvia Blends which are a mixture of Truvia and sugar. They also have a brown sugar option! When the weather is cooler, I tend to eat oatmeal more and my current favorite is Modern Oats! They come in convenient single serve containers that are super portable and all you have to do is add hot water. For hydration – I still love coconut water and lately have been hooked on Amy and Brian’s Coconut Juice! It comes in these cool cans that make the water extra chilled and I love the lime flavor (would also be good for cocktails!). I also tried Watah Maple water to see what the craze is all about and the stuff is actually pretty good! Maple is another natural electrolyte and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Give it a try if you are looking for a new way to hydrate!  My favorite snack right now is called Halfpops (if you are in Houston you can get at Costco). The company sent me some to try and also some to give out to my bootcamp, but they were so good I didn’t want to share! The snack is “half” popped popcorn – just like the little pieces left at the bottom of the popcorn bag that are crunchy (my favorite!).  The snack is very simple – just corn, butter and salt (no artificial ingredients) and the singe serve bags are only 100 calories with 2g of fiber (8% RDA) and 2g protein.

Baby Gear (for 12-18 mos)

My baby absolutely loves this Activity Table and it keeps him busy every day! I also still use a foam playmat for indoors but now that the weather is cooler – I sometimes use a few squares out on our patio so he can crawl/walk around and have some cushion. When we traveled to Cabo a couple of months ago (will try to do a post on that!) we purchased a small umbrella stroller made by Uppababy (G-Luxe model). I thought I’d only use it for travel, but I’ve ended up keeping it in my car to use for daily errands because it’s so easy to use and it has all the features of our bigger one. I’m still trying to transition my baby from bottles to sippy cups – which he doesn’t seem to be a big fan of. But, for the last few months he’s been drinking water from his Zoli Bot cups and loves them! These cups are genius – they have a retractable lid you can close when you travel, easy to grab handles, a weighted straw (so even the water at the bottom comes out) and easy to clean parts. I also really love his Boon Flair highchair that we’ve had ever since he was about 8 months old. It’s super easy to clean and I love the modern style. I really don’t see how people use highchairs that have any fabric!

Let me know what you guys think and also what your current favorite fitness or health food products are!

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