How Shoes Can Make a HUGE Impact on Your Training

Probably at one point or another you have gone for a walk, jog or cardio class and come back with aching legs, shin splints or maybe knee pain. Just a tough workout, right? Not so fast. You most likely are wearing the wrong shoes. You might be wearing top of the line running shoes and the latest model, but they may not be right for YOU.

Not everybody has the same type of foot and it’s not limited just to arch type or height. You also have to factor in your “pronation”…weather you roll on the outside of the foot when you run or to the inside. This can be a huge factor especially when it comes to knee pain. pronate

This was a hard concept for me to grasp a few years ago. I would head straight for the new pretty Nike’s that had the latest color and style. Then, I’d go out for a run and come back with horrible shin splints or an achy knee. Then, a few years later I tried another style and brand but every time I ran more than 6 miles I would get a black toenail! Gross, huh? This was because my toe was bumping the inside of my food and despite going a size bigger like everyone said to do, it didn’t go away.  But, after a lot of trial and error I found the Asics Kayano model to be the best for me and I’m on my 5th or 6th model/version. Every now and then I run in another pair I have when I’m training a client but I can’t go far before my knees start to hurt.


So, what’s the best solution? Well, first go to a shoe specialty store or running store in your area (I like Luke’s Locker). Usually, they will be more knowledgeable about athletic shoes and they may even watch you run or walk to see how your foot moves and what type of arch you have. But, sometimes it’s just trial and error. You may have to experiment with a few different brands and styles to get the right one. Just remember…if you do get shin splints, knee pain or toe problems….most likely it is the shoes and not you. Don’t let your shoes stand in the way of your training!

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