Thinking of Joining a Bootcamp for 2010? Checkout My Tips!

I was back on Fox with Sibila yesterday to answer questions about joining a bootcamp and what you should expect. I also gave a sample bootcamp workout that you can do on your own (see below)!
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Cari Shoemate Bootcamp Workout for Sibila Challenge

HOUSTON – Fitness trainer Cari Shoemate presents an example of a bootcamp-style workout to accelerate exercise plans for people taking part in the Sibila Challenge.


— Warmup for between 2 and 3 minutes with a walk, jog or jumping jacks

— Do 20 squats with a shoulder press or squat jumps for an advanced movement

— Do 10 pushups and 10 sets of mountain climbers

— Do 10 reverse lunges with a knee-up (for the abdominals) on each leg

— Do 10 tricep dips on the floor

— Do 5 Superman abs with “Superman” for the back and abdominal crunches

— Repeat the above five steps two times for 20 total minutes total

If there is time left over from the workout, Shoemate recommends jumping rope or doing jumping jacks for an added calorie burn.

Shoemate recommends this workout two or three times a week and on the alternate days doing a 20-minute run or walk/run for maximum results.


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