Yoga for Better Sleep

Today I was back on Fox Morning News Extra to talk about how yoga can reduce stress and even improve sleep. I demonstrated crescent moon (low lunge) and also child’s pose, which are both great at reducing stress in your muscles and joints and relieve tension in your lower back. Instead of reaching for food or alcohol to relax after work, try some of the moves below. Or, if your energy is fading and you are about to make another run to Starbucks, try a forward bend instead!

Unfortunately the Fox video is no longer available. 

For Relaxation:
Try some seated twists (left) or stretches where you are lying down. Just be careful not to stretch your muscles too much unless you are already warm (from cardio, etc) or a yoga warmup like vinyasa flow or sun salutations. For breathing, focus on taking deep exhales. Look for yoga classes such as “gentle yoga”, “yoga for beginners” or even “meditation” to relieve stress and help you to relax.

For Energy:
Inversions such as Forward Bend (right), Headstand or even Downward Dog are great for energy. Any time your heart is above your head, you will have increased circulation to the brain and get a surge of energy. With breathing, focus more on taking deeper inhales. Look for “inversion” classes, “sun salutation” classes or “vinyasa flow” classes to give you a boost of energy.

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