School Lunches…Worse Than Prison Food?


I’m a huge fan of Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” and agree that conquering obesity in America starts with the younger generation. But, how will kids learn to eat healthy if they are fed a bunch of junk every day at school? This graphic was created by Good Magazine and compares the average prison meal with the average elementary school lunch and it’s pretty obvious which one looks better.  Right off the bat, you can tell the prison meal has more color in the forms of fruits and veggies, which is always a good thing. The school lunch looks mostly white and beige colored and is higher in simple carbs. Both cost about the same and have 1,400 calories (which is also VERY high!) but, the prison meal is offering much more vitamins and nutrients. They both consist of one bread item, one starch item and one beverage. But, kids get an ounce less meat and they’re usually skimped on either veggies or fruits. To find out more about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, visit his site or catch the show on ABC.


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