Sample Travel Workout For Runners

Sample Travel Workout For Runners

Below is a sample intermediate/advanced workout for those that like to run. You can swap out the running for any other form of cardio. If you are doing high intensity cardio (stairs, jumprope, etc) do the workout in an interval format (2-5 minutes of cardio then mix in some weight training). If you don’t have weights – use a resistance band and make sure it’s hard enough so that when you get to around 15 reps it burns. Always choose a lighter band, because you can make it harder by pulling out the slack between your feet or just gripping the band farther down from the handles.

4 miles easy. Warmup 5min at 5-6mph then do steady run around 5.5-6.2mph the whole way. Finish with 3min walk.<
Abs: Do 20 leg raises, 20 v-ups, 20 toe touches. Repeat all 3x.

3 miles with Hills. Warmup for 5 minutes. For first set of hills: put TM on 10% incline. Alternate 1 minute run (5.0-6.0 mph but increase speed as you go) with 1 minute walk. Do this for 10 minutes. Then, second set of hills: keep speed at 5.0 mph and alternate 1 minute flat with 30 seconds of 12%. Do this for about 10 minutes or until you are close to 3 miles total. Finish with walk/cooldown.
Weight Training
Chest: 3 sets 20-25 pushups
Back: Bent over rows with 15-20lbs in each hand (keep back flat and knees bent). Do 3 sets 10-15 reps.
Bicep: Bicep curls with 15-25lb weights. Do 3 sets 10-15reps.
Tricep: Overhead tricep dips with 1 20-25lb weight. Do 3 sets 10-15reps.
Abs: 25 crunches to the center + 25 crunches to left (oblique twist) + 25 crunches to right + 1 60 sec. plank. Repeat 3x.

Walk to warmup. Then do cardio cross-train…use another machine at the gym or do jumping jacks, jumprope, high-knees, etc. and mix this in between weight training as intervals. Do 1-2 minutes of “cardio” then a set of weights.
Weight Training
Glutes: Hold 15-20lb weight (one) and do 30 squats. Mix in cardio and do 3 sets.
Hamstrings: Either do deadlifts (with 20-30lb) or do lying hamstring curls on bench (face down with weight between feet)- taking legs from straight to up at 90 degrees with knees bent. Mix in cardio and do 3 sets.
Quads: Stationary lunges (one foot stays in front and one in back – go up and down). do 20 reps on each leg. Mix in cardio and do 3 sets total.
Calves: Standing calf raises holding 20-30lb. Mix in cardio and do 3 sets.
Abs: Do 50 crunches on the stability ball (if they have one – if not do them on the floor holding a 5-10lb weight on your chest) + 20 seated knee tucks on the bench or floor + 30sec of plank. Repeat for 3 sets total.

Walk for 2 minutes and slow jog for 5-10 minutes to warmup. Then do 2-3 miles of speed intervals (flat). Start them off slow and gradually build up to a fast sprint you can only hold for 10 seconds. Start around 7mph (1 minute) and work your way up to 9mph (30 seconds). Either mix in slow jogging, walking or hop off to the side and rest (when you start doing full sprints). Finish with a cooldown walk.
Weight Training
Total Body + Abs. Do a mix of the above exercises.

Cardio Cross-Train (same as Wed) + Total Body weight training.

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