Stay Fit When You’re On The Road

I know many of you travel for work. Some almost every week and others only occasionally. But, regardless of how often you travel – you should commit to staying fit while you’re away from home. One week of missed workouts here and there can add up and will prevent you from achieving your goals. The most common response I get when I tell my clients to workout when they have to travel for work is “I just don’t have time” followed by “I’ll be too tired” and “My hotel doesn’t have a good gym”. Excuses, Excuses! So, to make your next week out of town a healthy and fit one – I recommend doing this:

#1  Do Your Workout in The Morning.

In the evenings you are more likely to have meetings, dinners and extra work to get caught up on. Or, you may just be really tired at the end of the day. Even if you already have to be up for a 7am meeting – you can still go to bed 20 min earlier (close those laptops!) and get up 30 minutes earlier. Even a quick 30min workout each morning is way better than doing nothing.

Try to workout every day that you are out of town, so that you get into a routine. Any workout will do – as long as you get your heart rate up and break a sweat.

#2 Watch Your Diet.

Just because you are traveling (even if it is for vacation), doesn’t mean you need to pig out. Nothing is worse than coming home and realizing you gained 5lbs. Start your morning right with a light snack (pre-workout) like a piece of fruit or cereal and then eat every 2-3 hours. Most business travelers only have time for scheduled meals or their meals are also business meetings. When that is the case, most people end up eating 3 large meals a day, which is bad for your metabolism and waistline and will make you feel sluggish all day.Instead, take snacks with you to work. Stop by a drugstore or Target and get some nuts, trail mix, fruit, small boxes of cereal (low sugar) and other healthy treats and stash them in your breifcase or at your temporary desk at work. Then, eat a snack every 3 hours and eat lighter during the company lunches and dinners.

#3 Plan Ahead.

Try to choose a hotel with a gym or one that is near a park or running trail.Not an option? Pick a room next to the stairs so you can do intervals of strength training in your room and stairs for cardio. Also, research some healthy restaurants nearby your office or hotel so that you can make suggestions for dining with your coworkers or you can go pickup a healthy to-go dinner. Also, don’t forget to pack your workout clothesand set them out when you check into your room. If you went through the trouble of packing them and toting them through the airport – you better use them! Pack a jumprope and resistance band. These always come in handy, especially if it’s raining and you can’t go outside or the gym doesn’t have any weights.

#4 Be Creative With Your Workouts.

No gym, no problem! One of my favorite new tools is the Nike Training Club App. You can pick your level and your goal and follow along to the workout in real time – just like having a trainer! Also, there are tons of great workouts on Youtube (check out my channel) and you can watch workout videos on your laptop in your room and do the workout right there. Also, some hotel chains like the Hilton Garden Inn offer a “Stay Fit Kit” that has a mat, resistance band and more all in a little kit that you can checkout from the front desk. Ask your hotel if they have something like that and if they don’t – encourage them to get with the program!

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