Quick Fat-Burning Workout

Don’t have much time for a workout today, but want to blast some fat? Try the workout below that I’ve suggested for both the Rockets Power Dancers and my Bombshell Bootcamp for the days that they don’t meet with me. It’s a quick routine (should take you less than 45min) that will hit all your major muscle groups and keep your heart rate elevated with quick cardio mixed in.




*Use a set of medium dumbbells for most of these.
  • Warmup with fast walk, jumping jacks or stairs for 3-5minutes.
  • 20 pushups and then 40 reverse lunges or walking lunges if you have the space (use weights if you want to make it harder) – repeat both sets
  • 12-15 shoulder presses overhead + a wall sit for 60-90 seconds -repeat both sets
  • 12-15 Bent over rows (keep your back flat and squeeze your shoulder blades) + 30 “Froggers”: http://youtu.be/UsOlMBzKYsM – Repeat both sets
  • 12-15 Bicep Curls + 15 burpees. Repeat both sets.
  • 30 kneeling glute raises on each leg (use a weight to make it harder): http://youtu.be/UFTnj9aRjv4 Repeat both sides for 2 sets total.
  • 30 crunches on a stability ball (big ball) or Bosu. Hold 1 weight to make it harder. If you don’t have either – do V-ups on the floor instead.
  • Alternate 25 heel raises (heels to ceiling) and 25 toe touches. repeat for 2 sets.
  • Plank with alternating leg/arm raises for 1 minute: http://youtu.be/boZYMYq9qG4
  • stretch

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