New Oakley Brand Ambassador!

A few months ago I decided to enter Oakley’s “Perform Beautifully” contest. They choose 10 women each year to be their new Brand Ambassadors and I thought I’d give it a shot since I like the brand and really wanted to win the cool trip to Napa! Well, I got a call a few weeks ago from the Oakley team saying I was what they were looking for! So, 2 weekends ago I got the chance of a lifetime – to participate in an amazing retreat in Napa along with 100 other women from Oakley, partner brands, media companies and other like-minded women. It was truly an amazing experience and I was treated like a celebrity all weekend! Thanks to  Oakley and Fitness Magazine for the amazing gift bags filled with all kinds of fitness treats!


*Photos copyright of Shawn Parkin. 

I encourage you all to join their new online community: Perform Beautifully Collective (or PBC). It’s a great online community where you can connect to other fitness professionals, make friends and learn more about Oakley products. I fell in love with the products in Napa – especially the capri pants (love the fit!) and my new glasses! I usually don’t run races in sunglasses, but I was able to run in my Oakleys and totally forgot I was wearing them! 

Oakley’s mission (love it!): “Oakley wants to support, encourage and inspire all women to Perform Beautifully in all aspects of their lives. What does that mean? We want women to feel strong, independent and beautiful inside and out throughout their daily lives – in their active pursuits, their career, and their family lives (and everything in between).” 

Also, I encourage you all to check out some of my fellow ambassadors because they are all super fit, lead healthy lifestyles and have fun stories to share: 

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Emily Sukiennik:

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Charlotte Neitzel: Wild Things RUN Free (blog)


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