What Does My Trainer Eat? Bars…

I get asked all the time about protein and snack bars. There are a lot out there that can actually cause more harm than good because they are loaded with fat, calories and sugar. If you are having a bar as a snack or one of your six mini-meals a day…you should keep it around 200 calories or less. Two of my favorites are Think Thin bars and Larabars that I get at Whole Foods. The Think Thin bars are great because they have 0g of sugar and you get 15-20g protein. On average they have about 230 calories, which isn’t too bad…but you can always eat half and save half for later. My favorite thing about Larabars is that they usually only have 2-3 ingredients and are made of just fruit and nuts. Simple is always better and you don’t want to be stuffing your body full of chemicals and crap or it will start to show on the outside. I buy the mini bars that have 100 calories each.

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  • MVTiani January 18, 2011  

    I love Larabars! The Peanut Butter Cookie is my favorite. If you like Larabars you’d probably like Pure Bars, it’s like pretty much the same thing.

  • cari January 18, 2011  

    I’ve heard of those and will have to try them! Thanks for the tip!

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