Favorite Holiday Fitness Gifts

Giving the gift of fitness is always a great idea and below I’ve listed some of my latest favorite fitness products that I personally use and love and they are all under $100! Most are available for quick ship via Amazon, Nordstrom or other site (links below) and you can still get them in time for Christmas!

1.Comfiest Leggings from Amazon : Colorfulkoala

I wear workout clothes 95% of my week and that means lots of leggings! I have tried almost every brand and lately my favorite is these Colorfulkoala ones I found on Amazon. Why? They are buttery soft, fit well with the right amount of compression and they have pockets to store my key and phone if needed.

2. Favorite New Workout Line: Calia by Carrie Underwood

My overall favorite for workout clothes is Carrie Underwood’s line: “Calia by Carrie Underwood”. You can buy it online or they carry it at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I’ve tried the bras, jackets, leggings and tanks and they all fit great and are super high quality. They function well at the gym and stay put when they are supposed to. I also love the cute colors and styles that Carrie puts together – she always looks amazing during her workouts (#fitspo)!

3. Best Natural Deodorant: Native

I’ve tried a bunch of natural deodorants over the last couple of years and many just don’t work or don’t work long enough. I really like Native for a solid and it holds up well during workouts and they have some cute gift sets site. I also like EO lavender spray which smells really nice and also holds up really well during/after workouts – a great stocking stuffer!

4. Best Yoga Mat: Manduka

I bought my Manduka yoga mat at a studio in Houston after a recommendation. I’m so glad I upgraded. The one I have is a pretty shimmery coral color on one side and a mat pink on the other (not sure if that one is still available) but they have a variety of cool colors. So far it’s holing up great and has just the right amount of cushion and support for yoga and doesn’t slip.

5. Favorite Dry Shampoos: Living Proof and Detox by Drybar

As a girl who’s always going to/from the gym or teaching classes – I rely on dry shampoo all the time! I’m not a huge fan of heavily scented ones – so that’s why I like Living Proof and Detox by Drybar. They both are scented but pretty light and the smell is pleasant. The main reason I chose these is because they really work the best and don’t weigh my hair down. Gift Idea: These also make great stocking stuffers, or pair them with sweatproof hair ties and gift to your bff who loves to workout.

6. Most Festive Leggings: Goldsheep

I always get compliments when I wear my Goldsheep leggings. I splurge on these for fun, festive holiday leggings. They also make cute “mommy and me” styles!

7. Best Booty Band: Slingshot “hip circle”

I have a variety of resistance bands I use for upper and lower body (great for travel!) and I love using them specifically for glutes/booty work. I have a lighter set I use for squats and leg extensions (I also use these at my bootcamp) but when I need one to stay put, I like the one from Slingshot. This one stays put during donkey kicks, kickbacks, hip bridges, etc and will not slide around or dig into your legs. Gift Idea: You could pair this with a set of colorful dumbbells, a monthly membership to her favorite spin studio or with the jumprope below.

8. Best Jumprope: Degol

I usually use my trusted “licorice” rope but it does get twisted and tangled quite a bit. So, I found this one by Degol on Amazon and really like it. It’s adjustable, lightweight and doesn’t tangle. I use my rope in between weight training circuits or boxing with the bag. Gift Idea: pair with a new set of boxing gloves, classes to a local boxing studio or Spotify membership.

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