Olympic Swimming Workout & Ryan Lochte’s “Strongman” Training

The Olympics may be over, but you can still get some workout inspiration from your favorite athletes! A few weeks ago we had “Bombshell Olympics” at my bootcamp and incorporated 1-2 new sports or athletes at each workout. One of the most popular workouts was a swimming-inspired workout with actual workouts from Natalie Coughlin and Ryan Lochte. I was familiar with Natalie’s workouts and have done them before and they are great to build overall muscle tone with emphasis on shoulders and core. Ryan Lochte follows a “Strongman” workout which is a lot like Cross-Fit or bootcamp and involves lifting heavy weights, doing plyometrics and doing things with home-made equipment such as tires, sandbags, etc. We already do a lot of these exercises at Bombshell Bootcamp – so our participants were happy to hear that Ryan Lochte does a similar workout to be gold-medal ready!

Olympic Swimming Workout Inspired by Ryan Lochte and Natalie Coughlin

*Warmup: Run/Walk 5-10min before each circuit.

From Natalie Coughlin’s Workout (click for video):

  • 20 I-Y-T Shoulder raises with resistance band (or use 5-10lb weights)
  • 30 Genie Squats (low squats with arms crossed out front)
  • 30 Slow motion walking lunges (bring knee up in front)
  • 20 Tricep pushup to rotation (alternate rotating left/right)

From Ryan Lochte’s “Strongman” Workout (click for video):

  • 20 Bent over rows with a weight plate (15-30lb depending on your level)
  • 20 Chest press on back with weight plate (”    “)
  • 30 Burpees
  • 20 Sandbag squat to shoulder press (use 15-30lb bag)

*Repeat both of these workout circuits 1-2 times then finish with 10-15 minutes of core including planks.

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