Simple Yoga Workout: Perfect for Postpartum or After Surgery

IMG_0832Today I did my first yoga workout since I had my baby 11 weeks ago (hence the pasty tired look at left!). I was a little nervous because I knew my strength would not be where it used to be. But, since I’m in need of some relaxation, I need to build some strength in my core and I also need to relax my back…I knew I need to start doing yoga again on a regular basis.


  • Check with your doctor first. Even if you are cleared to workout, as if there is anything specific you should avoid (twisting, forward bending, etc.).
  • Go easy and if something doesn’t feel right – don’t do it. It’s that simple.
  • Make time for just yourself. See my post on finding time to workout with a newborn.
  • Put all your to-do list items in the far back of your head and just be in the moment. This is your time to just focus on your body and your breath and maybe some relaxing music. It was easy for my mind to drift off and start thinking about how I should write this blog post, snap a pic of my first yoga workout or capture my baby sleeping – but I realized if I did any of that I would not be taking advantage of what I set out to do in the first place: be in the moment and focus on me!
  • Use relaxing music and also scents. I really love Gaiam’s yoga mat spray.

Gentle Yoga Workout

  • Tadasana with breaths (inhale arms up overhead/exhale hands to heart center) x 10
  • Easy side bends in tadasana position (inhale bend down towards one side/exhale as you come to the top) x 10 total left and right
  • Cat/Cow plus hip circles. Allow yourself to move around in this position to loosen up.
  • Child’s pose – widen knees and touch big toes together.
  • 10 Modified Sun Salutations:

Start in tadasana; roll to forward bend; step back to plank; lower to chaturanga (on knees if you need to); upward dog (the stretch may be too much so go easy on this pose!); exhale move to downward dog; inhale walk back to forward bend, pause and then roll up to the top to tadasana.

  • Finish with stretches: Lying spine twist (keep one leg straight and cross other bent knee over body), seated butterfly stretch, etc.

You can try a few of these poses I demo in the video below, but remember only do them if they feel right. If not, stick to simple moves with less stretch and core work.

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