Fire It Up! Workout

This is a great workout to really “fire up” your muscles and your metabolism. Why? Because you are doing high reps at a fast pace.Instructions: Do 2 minutes of each exercise in the set (ex. 2 minutes squat pulses + squat jump, then 2 minutes of squat/lunge combo). Then go back and do each for 1 minute and then for 30 seconds. Rest 1 minute in between each of the 3 sets.

2 minutes –> 1 minute –> 30 seconds 

*Use a medium to heavy set of dumbbells for these exercises.

Lower Body Set

  • 3 low squat pulses + 1 squat jump
  • Squat/Lunge Combo – alternate squat, reverse lunge right, squat, reverse lunge left.*
  • 10 side lunges (alternate r+l)* then 10 jump lunges
  • 10 Froggers (in a plank, jump feet to the outside of your hands then back to plank) + 10 Sumo Squats with upright rows

Upper Body Set

  • Weighted burpee with shoulder press at the end (hands are on weights during burpee)*
  • 4 bicep curls then do jack feet front and back (vs out to the side) for 4 counts (l,r,l,r)*
  • 4 pushups then 4 plank tucks (bring knee around outside of body to touch elbow)
  • 4 bent over rows with right arm then 4 tricep kickbacks (in same position), switch and repeat on left*

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