No-Equipment Stair Workout

Stair workouts are one of my favorites to do outside (or inside) or even on vacation (pictured) because I can get in a great workout with no equipment! It seems like stairs would only work your lower body – but you can actually get in a great lower body too! TIP: If you want to make some of these exercises harder -increase the reps listed below or increase the cardio intervals (they are in italics). To make it easier – just add more rest periods and decrease reps. Be sure to stay hydrated – especially if you are outside!

Stair Workout

*Stairs should be approximately 30-40 steps to the top. If you have a shorter set of stairs – just repeat some of these exercises twice. Warmup first by walking/jogging stairs for 5 minutes.

Set 1:

  • 15 Incline Pushups (hands on step)
  • *Run stairs at medium pace for 2 minutes. 
  • 15 Decline Pushups (feet on step)
  • Stair Lunges: Alternate lunging up the stairs with the right foot and then left. Keep the back leg bent 90 degrees – just like you were doing walking lunges on the ground. If you are taller – skip 2 steps.
  • *Run stairs at medium pace for 2 minutes. 

Set 2:

  • Bunny Hops: Hop up each step quickly keeping knees pretty straight and core engaged.
  • 20 Seated Tricep Dips: Have a seat on one of the bottom steps and perform tricep dips by bending elbows 90 degrees and keeping hips close to stairs.
  • 20 Elevated Lunges: place back foot behind you on a step and keep 80% of the weight in front foot. Repeat on both left and right.
  • *Do high knees up the stairs (both feet touch every step) for 1 minute)

Set 3:

  • Plyo Squat Hops up the stairs: Start in squat position and hop up each step landing in a squat with knees bent.
  • Tricep Pushup Hop up stairs: Start in an incline pushup position with wrists under shoulders (for tricep pushup). Perform 2 tricep pushups then hop your feet up 2 steps towards your hands. Then, move your hands back out to pushup position and repeat until you reach the top
  • Side Lunge up stairs: Stay facing left with toes and knees pointing straight ahead (not up the stairs). Jog back down and repeat on the right side.
  • 30 Alternating Plank Tucks: Hold a plank (or incline pushup position) with feet on the ground and hands on the steps. Alternate twisting your right knee towards your right elbow and then left towards left. To make this harder – do it in decline position. Rest and repeat.

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