How To Squeeze in a REAL Workout at Work + Hair & Makeup Products For Post-Workout

I was recently interviewed by the Houston Chronicle’s Maggie Gordon – on how to to fit in a good workout on your lunch-break. My suggestion was to do your workouts AT work so you can cut down on travel time to/from a gym or class…since most people only have an hour or less for lunch. Below are 2 workouts I gave her that you can do in your office. Don’t be scared to do it! If you are shy..the staircase workout is great because you can get a little privacy. But, even better yet – get your coworkers to join you! I’ve also included some of my favorite products I use after my workout to freshen up fast. You can read the Houston Chronicle’s article here.

Staircase Workout (no equipment needed)

*Alternate running stairs for 3 minutes in between each of these sets. Try to do a fast pace and get your heart rate up. It doesn’t matter how big your staircase is – just do it for 3 minutes.


  • 10 Pushups with hands on the step (incline pushups)
  • 30 Squats
  • 10 Pushups with feet on the step (decline pushups)


  • 15 Elevated lunges (place back foot on a step behind you) on the Right
  • 20 Calf raises on the stairs – let your heels dip off the step a little when you lower down
  • 15 Elevated lunges on the Left


  • 15 Seated tricep dips on stairs
  • 30 Squats
  • 15 Seated tricep dips on stairs


  • 20 Plank Tucks: Hold a plank with hands on the stairs and alternate tucking your knees to elbows. Right knee to right elbow/left knee to left elbow
  • 10 tricep pushups (wrists under shoulders and keep elbows close to your sides)
  • 50 Mountain Climbers with your hands on stairs (each time you pull your knee in is 1 count…so basically count to 50)

30 Minute HIIT Circuit (equipment: medium resistance band and timer)

*You can do this workout anywhere in your office – a conference room, break room, the parking garage, out front of your building, etc. 


  • Easy = 45 seconds jumping jacks
  • Medium = 45 seconds of overhead shoulder presses with band
  • Hard = 45 seconds of squat jumps


  • Medium= 45 seconds pushups
  • Hard= 45 seconds jump lunges
  • Easy= 45 seconds calf raises


  • Hard = 60 seconds high knees
  • Easy = 60 seconds bicep curls with band
  • Medium = 60 seconds of hip abductions with band (walk side to side with band under your feet and hold handles at shoulders)


  • Medium = 60 seconds of bent over rows with band (band over feet and bend over making back parallel to floor)
  • Easy = 30 seconds of upright rows with band
  • Hard = 60 seconds of burpees

Ideas For Staying Motivated:

Products I Like:

  • The last thing you want to do is slather on foundation when you are still hot and radiating heat. Instead us a tinted moisturizer to keep your glow going. I like Aveeno tinted moisturizer and Tarte (I’m a big fan of all of their products).
  • For hair I usually wear it in a loose bun and then after I spray it with a beach wave spray. It acutally works good if your hair is a little wet or sweaty. I love this one form Oribe.
  •  I also like dual bronzer and blush in one so that I don’t have to spend time searching for 2 products. I like Benefit “Dallas” (it’s blush/bronzer in one product) and then my travel size Nars multiple with bronzer/blush.
I don’t like hauling a full bag of makeup either so I get small sample sizes that fit in my purse. I like these:

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