Product Recommendations

As you know, it’s best to eat as few packaged foods as possible and
stick to “clean” foods with minimal processing and simple ingredients.
However, this is not always possible nor practical. Here are a couple
new foods that I recommend:

Bell & Evans Chicken ( I buy these at Whole Foods
in frozen section. They have a good selection of pre-cooked chicken
breast (regular, buffalo -style, etc.) as well as some chicken tenders
that are tasty. They are a “better bad choice” if you are in the mood
for fried chicken tenders.

Eggology ( You can buy these at Central Market or Whole Foods.
These are organic egg whites in a cup that you can heat in the
microwave to make scrambled egg whites! Easy way to get in some extra

-Gnu Bar
( these are great and have low sugar and high fiber.

Zilch Mixers (
For you margarita lovers! Much healthier than El Tiempo!! I just
ordered some today. My friend Jessica says they are the best…so I’m
dying to try it.

-Mann’s Broccoli and other vegetables ( they have these great vegetable packs by the bagged salad’s at Randall’s.
My favorite is the broccoli with cheese sauce (not on their website).
You put the package in the microwave to steam, then add the sauce (I
use about 1/2). It serves 2-4.

Bear Naked Peak Protein Granola ( I eat this a lot on top of yogurt (low sugar). You can find it at almost any grocery store in cereal isle or organic section.

Natural nut butters. Hopefully by now you have traded your Jify, Peter Pan,
etc. for the fresh ground peanut butter. You can find it at any store
and either grind it your own (it’s just plain ground nuts without
hydrogenated oils, sugar or weird ingredients). My favs are cashew and
almond butter.

Quick Protein Shake Recipe: 2 scoops vanilla whey protein powder, 1 small cooked sweet potato (peeled), 1 cup skim or 2%
milk, dash of pumpkin pie spice. Blend in blender until smooth. You can add ice to make thicker.

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