Tasty Meatless Products

In continuing with the Vegetarian Month theme…I’m including info. on some of the new veggie products that I like. You can find most of these at any grocery store in Houston (Randall’s, Whole Foods, etc).

Morningstar Farms:

These veggie burgers are my favorite and easy to make! Just heat one up and place on a wheat bun with all the burger condiments you love. Add a side of baked sweet potato fries..YUM!

These mini corndogs are addictive!  I wouldn’t eat them all the time because they are a little high in sodium, but as a snack they provide 11g protein and some iron. You really can’t tell the difference between these and a “real” corndog! And think of all the gross hotdog ingredients you can avoid!

Quorn Products:

These “Chik’N” products (patties, nuggets,cutlets, etc) are delicous! They are half the fat of similar chicken prodcts, have the same amount of protein and are soy-free for those with soy allergies. I first tried these a few months ago and I’m hooked! They bake in the oven and are super crispy with great flavor. Try swapping real chicken breast for these one night a week. They have a new one with goat cheese and cranberry that I’m dying to try!

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