Cool Fitness Apps For Your Iphone

Looking to add some new apps to your iPhone and not sure which ones to try? Why not start with some that will help you stay (or get back) on track with your workouts or healthy eating routine. A few of my favorites are:

NikeWomen Training Center (Free!):

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This is my favorite fitness app. It has actual workouts that you can follow along with and a timer so you stay on track through each segment. You can also create your own little “mini” version of you and then you can invite friends to join you for a challenge! Most of the workouts can be done outdoors too and the videos are good quality with chicks in great shape doing the demos (great motivation!).  Best of’s FREE!

Lose It (Free!):


I tell my clients not to focus on calories. But, this cool app does give you a wake-up call when it comes to how many calories your are consuming vs. burning. It has cool tools to look up almost every food (even popular store brands) and also factors in activities you do based on your weight, duration, etc.

iFitness ($1.99):

Can’t meet with your trainer this week and wonder how to work your delts? Checkout this app that shows each muscle, where it’s located and cool exercises to target each spot. It even has demos of people using machines and free weights that you can follow.

iMapMyRun (Free):


Don’t have a Garmin? No worries! Download this app to track all of your runs and it shows your pace and a cool GPS map with where you run. This FREE tool seems to be as accurate as my $400 watch!

For more apps to try, checkout this blog post from FitSugar:

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