Looking For A New Yoga Style? Give Aerial Yoga A Try!

aerial yoga cari 2

(Now I’m ready for Cirque de Soleil!)

Wondering  “What is aerial yoga?”? Well…when I researched it online a few weeks ago I saw pictures of people swinging around and floating through the air! I was wondering exactly how this could be used for a yoga class but either way it looked really fun so I decided to give it a try.

The studio I went to had big fabric straps hanging from the ceiling (a special room and ceiling has to be used for support). These slings or straps of fabric (kinda look like a small hammock) are what you place your body in to do the poses. Each pose that we did required the use of the strap. I found it pretty challenging but also I was able to get more of a stretch in some poses because I was supported with the strap. It’s also great for inversions if you are normally afraid of falling or don’t have the upper body strength for a handstand. At the same time it was a little more challenging than I thought because I had to use my upper body strength to hold on to the strap and also core strength to balance, especially when we went floating off the floor!

aerial yoga cari 4

(This strap better hold!)

Overall, I would give it about an 8 out of 10. Don’t go to expect a cardio or hard-core workout. It’s very similar to yoga but with a fun twist! If you are in Houston…go to the Gyrotonics studio on W. Clay.

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