Warmup For The Kidney Walk + Tips

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I did the official warmup for the Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk here in Houston last Sunday. The organization had a great turnout as many came downtown to Sam Houston Park to participate in either a 1, 3 or 5-mile walk to raise money and awareness for kidney disease. I was able to get the crowd warmed up and ready for the walk on a hot sunny Sunday morning!

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When you walk you use more of your calves, anterior tibialis (aka shin), ankle muscles and glutes/hips than you do when running, biking or doing other activities. So, even if you are in great shape…walking 1,3 or 5 miles might cause you to be sore the next day. So, to avoid this, I had the walkers stretch their calves, glutes and hamstrings after we did a short warmup of jacks and jogging. Rememer you NEVER want to strech cold muscles. You should always get your body warmed up first for about 5 minutes (and NO…walking from the car to the gym does not count!).

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