Olympic Playlists and Gretchen Bleiler’s Sample Workout

If you are like me and love the Olympics…I’m sure you have been pretty sleep deprived staying up late every night to see who wins the gold. My favorites this time have been the alpine skiing and snow boarding and I love to watch Gretchen Bleiler, Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso.

Have you been wondering what the athletes are listing to on their ipods just before they go bolting down the hill at 90 miles an hour? Well, I did!! I found out that Shaun White was blaring Guns “N Roses and Johnny Weir likes Lady Gaga! Checkout this article HERE from Rolling Stone to get more athletes’ playlists.

It’s pretty cool to get an inside glimpse of some of the workouts that these athletes do. Each sport is so unique and requires a different set of skills and specially trained muscles. Gretchen Bleiler is a snowboarder, so it’s important for her to work on core, balance and agility while keeping up her speed. Checkout her sample workout below (click for video):

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